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The Oxford Complete Works of James Shirley

Editorial Board

Nigel Bawcutt, David Bevington, Martin Butler, Andrew Hadfield, Peter Holland, Julie Sanders

General Editors

E. Giddens and T. Grant (Shirley’s earlier plays, grammars)

B. Ravelhofer (Shirley’s last plays, entertainments, poems)


  • A. Ashbee (music)
  • R. Bailey (The Young Admiral)
  • K. Britland (The Imposture)
  • M. Butler (The Cardinal)
  • R. Carver (The Arcadia)
  • R. Cummings (A Contention for Honour and Riches; Honoria and Mammon; The Contention of Ajax and Ulysses)
  • M. Dahl (stylometrics)
  • E. Esche (The Constant Maid)
  • A. Farmer and A. Zucker (The School of Compliment)
  • E. Giddens (The Maid’s Revenge; The Traitor)
  • T. Grant (The Witty Fair One)
  • E. Griffith (Changes, or Love in a Maze)
  • A. Hadfield (The Politician)
  • C. Hanabusa (The Brothers)
  • P. Happé (The Opportunity)
  • R. Lublin and S. Maisano (St Patrick for Ireland)
  • L. Munro (The Gentleman of Venice)
  • H. Ostovich (The Ball)
  • A. Parr (The Wedding)
  • B. Ravelhofer (The Triumph of Peace; The Triumph of Beauty; Cupid and Death)
  • J. Sanders (The Lady of Pleasure)
  • A. Searle (The Sisters)
  • S. Tabor (The Triumph of Peace)
  • P. West (Poems)
  • R. Yearling (The Doubtful Heir)